Plan Your Social Diary with Ease!


Having planned and staged a number of social events which could be easily qualified as ‘eccentric’ and having attended an overwhelming variety of similarly original events in London and various counties, we felt the need to launch an online diary bringing together all their listings and promoting them to those seeking such an entertainment.

We felt that most vintage events presently carry a degree of eccentricity in them, so that prompted us bringing them together with the listings of various masquerades, fancy dress parties, traditional odd celebrations held in London and various counties for centuries as well as more recently introduced steampunk and chappist convivial festivities.

We are actively inviting all event organisers presently unknown to us to list their events on this website and all those regularly attending these events to share with us their experiences and observations which we may selectively reproduce here for the benefit of the fellow party goers!

Cheerio and we hope you’ll have fun!

= Mayfair PR =